Course Offerings


All students will adhere to the following course sequence while attending IHSNO.  Students have the options listed within each department during each year based on graduation requirements and plans.


Group 1 – English Group 2 – Language Acquisition Group 3 – Social Studies Group 4 – The Sciences Group 5 – Mathematics Group 6 – The Arts
Reading I Arabic I World Geography Biology Algebra I Music Survey
English I Arabic II Pre-IB World Geography Pre-IB Biology Pre-IB Algebra I Choir
English I ESL IB Arabic ab initio I/II Civics Chemistry Geometry Visual Arts
Pre-IB English I Chinese I Pre-IB Civics Pre-IB Chemistry Pre-IB Geometry Talented in Visual Arts
English II Chinese II US History Environmental Science Algebra II IB Visual Arts I/II
Pre-IB English II IB Chinese ab initio I/II IB History of the Americas Environmental Science ESL Pre-IB Algebra II Visual Communication
English III ESL II World History Anatomy and Physiology Pre-Calculus Talented in Theater
IB English III ESL II Reading IB World History IB Environmental Science I IB Math Studies I Film Studies
English IV ESL III IB Environmental Science II IB Math Studies II IB Film Studies I/II
IB English IV ESL III Reading
French I
Pre-IB French I Electives
French II
Pre-IB French II Theory of Knowledge I
IB French ab initio I/II Theory of Knowledge II
Spanish I Business Computer Apps.
Pre-IB Spanish I Health
Spanish II PE I
Pre-IB Spanish II PE II
Spanish III Native Speaker PE II / Martial Arts
Spanish IV Native Speaker Martial Arts
IB Spanish ab initio I/II Study Skills I
Vietnamese I/II Study Skills II
Vietnamese III/IV Study Skills III
Study Skills IV
Pre-IB Research Skills