Special Education

The mission of the IHS Special Education Service Department fosters the personal, emotional and academic well-being of students and helps them reach their full potential by providing comprehensive academic intervention and resource services. By building positive student relationships across the campus, our entire department is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and affirming environment for all students. CLICK HERE for more information on our special education program.

Mrs. Nadia Noyola, the Special Education Coordinator at International High School of New Orleans, has a degree and certified in Special Education. Mrs. Noyola is trained to provide support, accommodations and services to students, parents and school. With a team that consist of:

Special Education Team

Rufus McGee
Director of Student Support Services

Nadia Noyola
Special Education Coordinator

Tina Doss
Special Education Teacher

Daniel Vela
Special Education Teacher

Jennifer Boyce
Special Education Teacher

Dectric Boldien

Sheila Magee

Scott Moersen

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