Student Dress Code

All students must adhere to the mandatory school uniform daily.

Student dress reflects his/her attitude toward school and class work. Students are expected to be neat, clean, and fully dressed at all times. This policy permits students to wear a blue or green IHSNO Polo or Oxford shirt (button down or spread collar, IHSNO traditional shirt), black appropriate fitting pants, socks and a belt.



Short sleeve Oxford button down in light blue with logo and shirt tucked in pants

Long sleeve Oxford button down in light blue with logo and shirt tucked in pants

Short sleeve IHSNO Polo shirt– blue or green

Button down cardigan in navy blue or black


Short or long sleeve Oxford button down with logo in white, and shirt tucked in pants

Short sleeve IHSNO Polo shirt with logo


Sweater and vest in navy blue or black


Appropriate fitting black pants (Dickies)


Tennis shoes/sneakers


Must wear socks


Must wear a belt

The following items will NOT be allowed under any circumstances:

Athletic Shirts
Regular or Skinny Jeans
Body tights
Pajama-like attire
Scarves – head gear, head wraps
Open-toed shoes
Boots or Cleats

IHSNO students are not to wear any other outerwear besides an IHSNO Uniform ‘Sweater’. Students are not permitted to wear head apparel, such as hats, du-rags, or bandanas in the building at any time unless for documented religious/cultural reasons. IHSNO prohibits the presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, or manner of grooming, by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute that denotes membership in a gang. Attire and accessories may not portray or exhibit profane, vulgar, offensive, violent, drug, alcohol or gang related words or symbols.

Physical Education Uniform

Students must purchase an IHSNO P.E. uniform if they are scheduled to take P.E. The uniform consists of blue or green shorts, white shirt, white socks, and tennis shoes.


All student must purchase an identification card (ID) at a cost of $10. The ID card must be visible and worn around the neck on a lanyard at all times. ID Cards shall not be defaced, modified, altered, changed, tampered with or deliberately damaged. The ID card must be presented upon request to any member of the faculty or staff during the school day or at any school function. Failure to do so subjects the student to disciplinary action.

The ID may be utilized in many ways (i.e. admittance to school dances, cafeteria dining, and athletic events, borrowing laptops and books). Students must replace a lost or stolen ID card. The replacement costs is $5.00. Temporary ID’s can be purchased at the front office for $1.00. ID cards are non-transferable (cannot be given or used by another person). A student without an ID is considered out-of-uniform including free dress days and will be issued an after school detention. Any missed after school detention will result in an In-School Suspension the following day.

Student IDs will be issued by grade level:

Freshmen – Grey
Sophomore – Green
Juniors – Blue
Seniors – White
Off campus: Dual Enrollment, BARD, NOCCA, IBDP – Red

Please Note: IHSNO will no longer sell/provide school uniform items at school. You must purchase all of your school uniforms at the following local vendors:

(Click on Map Markers to show location names and information.)

Want to purchase your uniforms online?

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