World Language Programs

The ability to communicate in more than one language is essential to the concept of an international education that promotes multilingualism and intercultural understanding, both of which are central to the IB’s mission.  The study of additional languages in the MYP provides students with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, behaving, and viewing the world.

At IHSNO we value the diversity of culture in our school, and we collaborate to organize multi-cultural events throughout the year. The purpose of these events is to motivate students to learn and appreciate cultures different from their own and to pass their country’s culture along as well.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith  

Languages Offered at IHSNO






English as a Second Language(ESL)